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Project Management

Project Management is a frequently overlooked success factor in any major project.  Project Management is a professional discipline and calls for experienced and/or certified PMI professionals.  In a new project the vendor will assign a project manager (who may or may not be trained).  It is important for you the client to bring on a technical project manager to work with the vendors and ensure that you are getting the end results you are paying for.

Don't confuse the assignment of one of your staff as a 'project manager' because they will be responsible for liaison and scheduling;  that is a Project Coordinator who needs to work closely with your contracted Project Manager.

What does the technical Project Manager bring to the table, here is an example list:
  • Develops project charter & scope, collaborates with vendor to develop a workable project plan for all staff
  • Maintains project plan and project budget, reports weekly or bi-weekly on project progress
  • Maintains Issue and Risk logs to avoid potential pitfalls and alert client of resource issues
  • Develop a Change Management plan to engender staff collaboration and lower change anxiety
  • Prepares and leads the closeout of a project, and helps collect and disseminate 'lessons learned'