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Rent A CIO

World-Class Expertise at  Your Budget

Why hire a full-time IT expert when you can rent one?
TLG's CIO’s are available to step into any situation and serve as your company’s CIO.  Our CIO’s are called in to help make key technology decisions, negotiate IT contracts and answer questions that CEOs and Presidents often wonder about their technology but are afraid to ask.  Sometimes there is no justification for hiring a full-time CIO executive, but with Rent a CIO we can join your team to  achieve a your goals and meet your staffing budget.

Looking for a new IT executive but need some guidance in the short term?  We’re happy to help.  Let us know where you are in the process and we’ll serve the essential IT role for your team.

Are you in the middle of an IT emergency?  We’ve got it … contact us today and our IT experts will jump right in to find the problem and offer the most effective solution as soon as possible.

Is there an area of technology your current IT team isn’t familiar with?  Give us a call and we’ll help walk them through it.

TLG's CIO’s have no ego in the game but helping your company succeed.  If you need us for a few hours or on a monthly basis, our experts are here to support your company leadership.

Contact us   to learn more about the experience of our CIO’s and get moving.  You know technology is essential to your growth … and we know how to support you in getting there.